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A Good Restaurant


Hey y’all-

            I think a man ought to tell folks when something good happens to him.

Here goes…last night I loaded up in a big ‘ol rig with my friends, the Haneys, for a run to Madison, Indiana and some dinner. Thinking we might grab a bit of Chinese food, we stopped downtown and saw this storefront restaurant called “The Downtowner.” Loved it.

            For those who are unfamiliar with Madison, Indiana, it is a cool little town. Very historic, sits on the Ohio River, used to be the capital of Indiana, and has a ton of old, historic houses that are refurbed and look very nice.

Sometimes, I like to think I own one of the historic, pimped-out joints and I could have coffee and a piece of chocolate cake on the front porch in the evenings as folks stroll by and think, “Man, that’s one pimped-out joint and that guy is awesome and that cake looks good and he has coffee that smells good and I wish we were his friends so we could sit on a great front porch and drink coffee and eat chocolate cake and talk.”

Then, I’d yell out, “Evenin’! Like some coffee and cake?” They’d come on over and we’d talk. That would be cool. Anyway…..

I had some kind of beef sandwich with all kinds of stuff on it and it was gooooood! We also ordered a pizza as an appetizer and that was a good choice. Good eats, kids. (That’s three “goods” in three sentences. I either liked it or I need a thesaurus…or both.)

Think I’ve got a new favorite in Madison, Indiana. If I ever find a hot Christian chick to ask out, I might just carry her to the Downtowner and see if they serve chocolate cake. Hey now!


Uncle Jeff


7 Responses

  1. about the ohio river i would like to just see whats under that water. like build a dam so the water wont flow and just drain it just to see whats under there. that would be cool then we can have some coffee and cake.

  2. Why not burn our tv’s? we can start with unplugging them what a challenge.

  3. Why not burn our TV’s, or we can start with unplugging it?

  4. I know what you mean, Maria. I don’t know that burning TVs, or books, or CDs would solve the under-lying issue of our need to worship something. Given a choice, we choose flash and glitz and mindless entertainment over reality and eternal life….God.

  5. hey y’all guess what I got boots. I’ll be coming home next weekend so I probably won’t make are mission trip. Tear. 😦 I miss you guys so much and I can’t wait to be home

  6. no DQ??? oh come on jeff?

  7. Thanks!

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