Playing Bluegrass in Europe

Hey y’all-

I’m heading to Europe with The Long Run Players. We’ve posted a blog about our needs for the trip.

Read it here.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Livin’ the dream,

Uncle Jeff


A Wild Year…for me….

Hey y’all-

A lot has happened in the last year. A year ago today, I landed in Hong Kong with four friends as part of a bluegrass band called “The Long Run Players.”

Sarah, Matt, Paul, Jeff, and Cameron..confused in HK.

We were stopping in Hong Kong for a few days of orientation before heading to Taiwan to serve with IMB personnel doing outreach and evangelism for six months. What happened in the 5+ months in Taiwan?

1. We met some really cool Taiwanese people like Amy, Gayo, Erin, Eva, Example, Stacy, Ifan, Ice, Slash, Joyce, Rain, Brian, Frank, Shelly, Chocolate, Patrick, Douglas, Wayne….etc…..

Some friends....

2. We ate some cool (and interesting) food.

3. We drank some great drinks like Black Pearl Milk Tea.

Black Pearl Milk Tea from Crazy Sue's

4. We played over 60 bluegrass shows.

5. We were featured on a national TV show on a Christian network (Good TV).

6. We told hundreds (even thousands) of people of the love of Jesus Christ and His desire to have a relationship with them.

7. We met some great M friends in Taiwan. (You know who you are…)

8. We ate some great apple pie (thanks, Patti!).

9. We traveled all over Taiwan playing music and seeing the sights.

10. We came home.

What has happened in the six months since landing back in the good ‘ol USA?

1. The band has continued to play and tell people about the people of Taiwan. (Over 25 shows since coming home…)

2. I graduated from seminary (SBTS) in May with my Master of Divinity degree.

Beauregard, Joe, and Me.....hotness

3. I was accepted to the doctoral program in Christian missions at SBTS.

4. I have sang and preached in churches in OK, TN, KY, MO, NC, and NY is to come….

5. I am getting ready to move to a new home here in KY.

6. I have snorkeled and sea-kayaked in Puerto Rico.

Playa Flamenco Culebra, PR

7. I have hiked in a rainforest.

8. I have told a lot of people about the love of Jesus Christ.

9. I met a girl in HK and we’re seeing if it’s gonna work……

It has been a great year. Here’s to the next one…..

Livin’ the dream,

Uncle Jeff

Rainy Day in Taipei

Hey y’all-

It’s a rainy Friday in Taipei. What do you do on a rainy day?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Play guitar.


I love this guitar....


2. Watch this sermon. (It’s awesome.) There’s an audio version as well on the site…..

3. Drink one of these. Delish!

4. Read a book.

5. Get out and walk in the rain…….

Just some ideas. Thoughts?

Uncle Jeff

Back in class…

Hey y’all-

  Classes started today for me. I have Christian Preaching with Dr. Hershael York, Elementary Hebrew (yep, it’ll be tough), and Evangelism and Church Growth with Dr. Lawless. Should be a good semester although a bit grueling.

  I’ve been reading some cool books getting ready for the semester and I may have to post a bit of one by C.H. Spurgeon called The Soul Winner. If you need a book to fire you up to tell others about Jesus, this may be worth your time. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

  Click on the links to find out about Spurgeon and go buy a book…it’ll make your day better.

  Take care,

  Uncle Jeff

DWYL Lesson 9 – Day 1

Hey y’all-

  I’m back in Kentucky and taking a class at SBTS this week. Paul David Tripp will be teaching Biblical Counseling and I’m excited to hear what he has to say and learn all I can to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through counseling the hurting. Should be a good week.

  Also, we are on Lesson 9 in the Don’t Waste Your Life: Study Guide which corresponds to Chapter 9 in Don’t Waste Your Life. There are only 10 lessons, so we wrap it up next week. Very exciting….

  Let’s get to it. Chapter 9 is about world missions (we all live in the world, so we should all be involved in world missions) and John Piper asks, “In the space below, describe your current involvement in world missions. This would include prayer, financial support, mission trips, and current plans for the future.”

  My Response: This chapter is close to my heart because I have a desire to serve as a foreign missionary (Lord willing) sometime in the future. Where? Not sure. When? Not sure. Right now, my focus is my ministry at Bedford Baptist Church and loving these kids enough to tell them about Jesus and His love and holding them to the highest standard possible….God’s holiness. It’s where I am and where I want to be, but missions is always on my mind and in my heart…..

  This morning, I was in the gym at SBTS trying to work-out (I’m lame…and so are my workouts) when a friend from school walked in. He and his wife are leaving in nine days to serve as career missionaries in a primarily Muslim country that is closed to evangelism and the Gospel. They will be gone for at least three years before coming back for a visit and then, Lord willing, they will return and continue with their ministry over there. This world mission stuff is very close to me.

  Now, my involvement is not very extensive. As a Southern Baptist, I give to the Lottie Moon Offering for Foreign Missions and support the missionaries through prayer. Also, I try to tell my kids about missions and the need for our involvement…not just money and prayer, but going. As a youth group, we are taking a trip to another part of Kentucky to help build an emergency shelter in a few weeks.

  Personally, I am going to Canada this summer to help with evangelism and church planting. How? I’m playing guitar and singing with The Long Run Players. We’re jamming gospel bluegrass for the glory of God. Should be a hoot.

  What do you think we should do for missions? Foreign and local?

  Uncle Jeff