Moving from Tennessee to Ohio

Hey y’all-

My folks are moving this weekend. We’ve been in Crossville, Tennessee for many moons. I started here in 4th-grade and my folks have been here ever since. It’s home. Always will be, but I won’t have a place to go to after this weekend…..well, you know what I mean….

My Dad moved to Crossville because of K-Mart. Really. He got a job and they offered him a chance to open a new store in Crossville. So, we loaded up like the Beverly Hillbillies and moved from Knoxville to City Lake Road.

Whar we movin' to, Paw?

After we got here, we seemed to bounce around a bit until we eventually landed on a prime piece of real estate (complete with a mortgage) in Pleasant Hill. Victor Lane was the site of our greatest accomplishments as a family dynasty in Cumberland County.

The house was beautiful.

I used to take dates to the Jungle Room for a game we called "Safari."

We were all stars in our own right: basketball, cheerleading, academics, rolling yards, two-stepping, lifeguarding, beauty pageants, softball….you get the drift….an era came and went on Victor Lane.

Now, Mom and Dad are loading up the U-Haul and pointing the slightly damaged bumper (Dad had an “issue” in the rental-place parking lot) north. We’re heading up to Ohio. What does that mean for Cumberland County and Tennessee? Well, y’all can get back to normal ’cause we on up outta heah!

Well, just thought I would post this morning and my coffee is wearing off, so I better go.

Crossville. Love you, mean it, and I’ll be back! Word.

Uncle Jeff