Are you a liar?

Hey y’all-

This morning I listened to a Matt Chandler sermon for worship. While in Taiwan, I’ve been attending some churches and having worship with my buddy Paul as well. This morning, it was coffee and a podcast at Starbucks.

Matt Chandler

Today, Matt preached from 1 John on the reality that confession of sin and repentance from sin is a “continuing ethic” of the Christian life.

Currently, Matt is recovering from major surgery to remove a brain tumor, so this is a message from September 2009. Nonetheless, it is a good word. Do you need to hear about repentance? Do you need to know about confessing sin? This is a penetrating question, “Are you a liar?”

Check out the message. Or, here is a link to the church website and look for “A Continuing Ethic from 9.20.09.”

Also, keep Matt Chandler and his family in your prayers. I think the surgery went well, but there is recovery to deal with. Keep praying.


Uncle Jeff


Suicide of Christians

Hey y’all-

Got a heavy topic today. Why? A friend…..

She got in touch with me and said she was trying to help counsel some others who were struggling through suicide in their close circle. She wanted some guidance in leading them to God’s Word to see what He says. Not what I say, but what God says about suicide. So, what should I do? I went to my counselor and one who I love to lean on in difficult times is John Piper.

John Piper bringing it....

He is a man of God who totally leans on the Bible. I love that and I pray I get better at it. (By the way, I do not know John Piper personally, but I do call on his message when I struggle, as well as, Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, Kevin Shrum, and other great preachers of the Word.)

I found this message about the suicide of Christians. Read it. Pray over it. Study God’s Word. Respond if necessary. I hope this helps.


Uncle Jeff

Rainy Day in Taipei

Hey y’all-

It’s a rainy Friday in Taipei. What do you do on a rainy day?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Play guitar.


I love this guitar....


2. Watch this sermon. (It’s awesome.) There’s an audio version as well on the site…..

3. Drink one of these. Delish!

4. Read a book.

5. Get out and walk in the rain…….

Just some ideas. Thoughts?

Uncle Jeff

Good sermons – Matt Chandler

Hey y’all-

I like to take walks. I like to walk with an iPod in my ears. I like the exercise and I like the chance to get away. I also like to listen to sermons when I walk. So, I’m walking and listening to these sermons and they are great! Thought I would share the link with you and let you check them out for yourself.

The preacher is Matt Chandler.

The sermon series is titled “The Role Of Men” and has three parts. The sermon titles are: Defining Masculinity, Men as Husbands, Men as Fathers. All three are well-worth hearing. You can find them in the August 2007 grouping.

Ladies, get these to the man you love, live with, or want to love and live with…..married, of course.

Dudes, listen up, man up, and get ‘er done.


Uncle Jeff