Rainy Day in Taipei

Hey y’all-

It’s a rainy Friday in Taipei. What do you do on a rainy day?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Play guitar.


I love this guitar....


2. Watch this sermon. (It’s awesome.) There’s an audio version as well on the site…..

3. Drink one of these. Delish!

4. Read a book.

5. Get out and walk in the rain…….

Just some ideas. Thoughts?

Uncle Jeff


Randomness on a Saturday morning

Hey y’all-

I just wanted to post a few thoughts today.

1. 38-year-old dudes should watch out playing too much volleyball. Soreness will follow.

The sight of the pain at Chihlee School in BanCiao

The sight of the pain at Chihlee School in BanCiao

2. Add in a few extra calories everyday and you will have to add in a few inches to your waist size.

Sweet-n-sour pork at Shacks in Taichung

Sweet-n-sour pork at Shacks in Taichung

3. Roger Miller was a songwriting genius.

4. I miss hanging with my family and friends on a fairly regular basis.

Me and my Grandpa back in the early 90s. Family reunion.

Me and my Grandpa back in the early 90s. Family reunion.

5. I like grilled-cheese sandwiches. (See #2 above).

6. My guitar is not getting enough attention from me these days.

7. I may own a dog someday. I may not. It’s open…

8. I do not like fake people who act like they love Jesus but really just use Him as a cover to love theirself (is that even a word?).

9. I like a good laugh.

10. I like to trust the people in my life. Trust is huge with me.

Why the thoughts? Not sure….just thinking in a typing, blog sort-of-way….


Uncle Jeff

DWYL Lesson 8 – Day 4

Hey y’all-

  Last night, we went to Tommy Bahama’s and had dinner. They can flat out cook it! I had grouper (again) with asparagus and sweet potatoes. Then, we went shopping in the Tommy Bahama storie downstairs. Nice clothes, but the prices were bodacious….I found a super-cool leather briefcase/messenger bag that would be nice for years to come, but the $300 price tag made me start coughing up leftover grouper. KnowhatImean?

  Following that, we had ice cream at Kilwin’s and coffee at the condo. A nice evening out.

  Today, we are on Lesson 8 of the DWYL: Study Guide. If you are not reading Don’t Waste Your Life, then this chapter might be a good one to go ahead and check out online. Why? Because the focus is living the Christian life and making most of Christ from 8 to 5. John Piper is helping us understand how we serve Christ in our daily work. Good thoughts and challenging insights that will make your work more profitable for the Kingdom of God.

  So, let’s get to it. Question 9 in the study guide says, “Should the main goal of our working be to make money? If not, what should be the goal of our labor? Be sure to cite Scripture verses in your answer. List three ways that you can pursue this goal in your workplace.”

  My Response: I think money should be the least of all worries of any Christian, Why? Because Paul tells us that, “My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). What does that mean? I think Paul is very clear that the needs of the Christian is supplied by the riches of God through Jesus Christ for God’s glory and not our own. What does this mean? It means that Christians truly trust God for all their needs and leave the matters of worry (which for many money is the top one) to Him. So, we just quit working and sit around and watch Jesus put money in our bank accounts?

  No, we are called to work. In the Garden of Eden, Adam was told to work. After he and Eve at the forbidden fruit, then work became a curse. Before, work was fulfilling and honoring or God. Now, work has become something we do so we can honor ourselves. We make money so we can buy, buy, buy and show people how awesome we are in over-sized houses with nice cars in the drive. God intended work to honor Him not the one doing the work.

  So, we can never have new cars and nice houses? No, but I would caution against thinking the reason you work is to buy stuff and have stuff and stockpile money because Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). Do you want your heart to rest in bank accounts, stock portfolios, and two-car garages? Or would you rahter your heart rest in the Creator, Savior, Redeemer, Warrior-King of the Universe?

  Let me give a practical example from my life. Anyone who knows me well knows the central place music holds in my life. I love to listen to, play, and sing music (particularly country music….good, solid, weepy country music). To do that, I have a Martin HD-28 six-string acoustic guitar that I bought (used, of course) in 2000 from Gruhn’s Guitars in Nashville. As much as one can safely love a guitar, I love this guitar. I can see it from where I am currently typing. It is in its’ case waiting to be picked-up and played sometime today. I’ve carried it all over the US (Florida to Alaska, Washington to South Carolina) and played tons of tunes on it. It’s a good guitar.

  However, the salvation of my soul and the focus of my life do not rest in that guitar. I like it. It’s fun to own. I’m taking it to Canada this summer for a mission trip, but if it goes away I will survive. Now, I would try to replace it if at all possible, but my life would not end.

  If you lost the big house, the fancy car, and the high-paying job, where would your heart rest? Hopefully in Christ. So, saying all of that, I think the work we do should honor Christ and make much of Him in every way possible. Serving your workplace knowing that your actions and attitudes translate directly into opportunities to share the Gospel. Or, your actions and attitudes will hinder your opportunities to share the Gospel. Where do you stand?

  When money is more important that Jesus, we have taken the beauty and glory of work and turned it into self-serving idolatry. God says, “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3). And, you shall not make for yourself an idol (Exodus 20:4). So, work and money and stuff should not ever be an idol over and above Jesus Christ.


  Uncle Jeff