About Uncle Jeff

Former youth pastor, singer, songwriter, guitar player, egg cooker, bean-breaker, cornbread maker, book reader, Greek scholar (not really), single, looking, straight (obviously), yard mower, dancer….

I play a little upright bass and speak a little Chinese.

Thought I might add proof that I am truly an uncle. Here’s my nephew (well, one of them, anyway):


16 Responses

  1. Dancer??? common Jeff…get real

  2. Hey I love the website. You could make it a Little more colorful though. Oh and I need to talk to you in private. it offical 12:15. I’m having a really hard time sleeping like usaully. I Love you Uncle Jeff and also look at my website. See you Wendesday. ;D ( Its winking)

  3. hiiiii………………………….the book is awesome…u kno big drew wants to be a dancer…lol

  4. i love you daddy jeff

  5. It’s like 5 in the am but yeah can’t sleep so i wanted to look at this. lol It’s wonderously fantasmigorical…lol. But it’s kinda plain…lol.

  6. hey jeff well as you can see i found your web site ill read it later i about to leave

  7. so you sing and dance huh? right…..

  8. hey jeffery hows it going. sorry I haven’t called bad service but i promise I’ll be back home next week. Tell every one I love them. tell chelsea, alicia, and don that i’m sorry I haven’t talked to them. I haven’t had time to. I went to seen a drive in movie I t was awesome!!!! Love ya

  9. Hey girl-
    Glad you’re coming home soon. We been missing you……love you girl, Uncle Jeff

  10. Greetings from CCEF,

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    Would you please consider these two requests?

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  11. jeff can you update the calendar with the BB Saturday event at the OTA in La Grange thanks.

  12. Looking good Jeff!

  13. nice site, (:
    kept me occupied for hours, man.

  14. HI Jeff you are so nice !
    And you are not old ha ha!
    NIce to meet you!!

  15. heyy jeff

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