What I Believe about Jesus

What I believe about Jesus in a few short, simple statements.

  1. Jesus is God.
  2. Jesus came to earth as a man.
  3. Jesus lived a perfect life.
  4. Jesus died on the cross to pay for the disobedience of man.
  5. Jesus rose from the dead three days later.
  6. Jesus told His followers to tell others about Him.
  7. Those who believe in Jesus and obey Him will be saved from death, hell, and eternal separation from God.
  8. To be saved means Jesus has made a person right with God.
  9. Jesus is coming to earth again to gather those who are saved.
  10. Those who are saved will live with Jesus for all eternity in peace and harmony.

Trust in Jesus,

Uncle Jeff


6 Responses

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  2. Great job. I suffer from severe OCD, so I absolutely LOVE lists. They make me happy. I like your list about Jesus. it totally rocks,

    You might like my blog… check out my latest post here: http://wp.me/pq3cW-gG
    Leave a comment if you can!

    God Bless,

  3. I think you got it, man. I just have one thing to say, though. Don’t forget Jesus came to bring us abundant life not only in the life hereafter, but in this life as well. Your spirit is here on earth in community with others. That simply can’t be ignored. Not that you necessarily disagree, but I thought I should add that.

    • Hey Dustin. I’m with you on the abundant life here, brother. Good word and good reminder. Blessings, Uncle Jeff

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