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Why Taiwan?

Hey y’all-

            Just wanted to drop a note and tell you a bit about the upcoming trip to Taiwan. Plus, I thought I might be able to answer some common questions I’ve been getting about the trip. So, here goes…

            Last summer I went to Newfoundland, Canada with a bluegrass band called The Long Run Players. We were part of a mission team sent there by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the North American Mission Board to assist church-planters with evangelism efforts. It was a great time and seemed successful.

            Some of you might remember my updates from there regarding great food, beautiful scenery, fun concerts, and whale-watching. A great, great trip.

            While there, we (the band) started discussing the possibility of doing a similar trip with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. This trip would be longer, somewhere across the “great pond,” and most likely involve a new language. We were all game so we applied. And got accepted!

            The acceptance was cool because the program that we are under has an age-limit. The IMB had to waive that requirement to let ‘ol Uncle Jeff hit the road with The Long Run Players. So, we were accepted…now, where would we go?

            The missionaries in Taipei, Taiwan had been praying for years to get a music team to come and help them with evangelism. We hope their prayers have been answered….


LRP at a band workshop with Jim Hurst

LRP at a band workshop with Jim Hurst



            So, we are off to Taiwan for five months. We leave in July and come back in January of 2010. We will be taking seminary classes while there. Studying the culture. Learning Mandarin. Serving with the missionaries. Playing music. And trying to honor Christ with our words as well as our music.

The ultimate focus of this trip is to make the name of Christ known among the nations. Without Him, this trip would be unnecessary…even foolish. So, that’s the quick inside skinny….


Here are common questions:

  1. Where will you live? Not sure just yet. We may rent an apartment for the guys and the girl (Sarah) will live elsewhere. The team in Taiwan is getting us a place and we’ll just live there.
  2. What will you eat? McDonald’s. Doesn’t every American missionary live on McDonald’s?
  3. Will we hear from you while you are there? Yes. Gonna take my laptop and hit Starbucks for Facebook and blog updates. Plus, there’s always Skype.
  4. Do the Taiwanese like bluegrass? Don’t think so….well, not yet…but they will.
  5. What about your ministry in Kentucky and your house and stuff? Gonna keep renting my place while gone. And I’m resigning from my church so they can find a new guy. It’s only fair.
  6. How can we help? Pray. A lot. This is a spiritually dark place that needs the light of the Gospel. Pray.
  7. How else can we help? Money is always good. This is going to cost me several thousand dollars and financial support is always welcome. If you want to help in that way, shoot me a message and I’ll send my address. No hard sell here.

  Drop a line. Livin’ the dream….

  Uncle Jeff


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