Newfoundland is awesome…

Hey y’all-

We are having a great time in Newfoundland. Our shows have gone well and we’ve been “blue-grassing” all over the place. Our show tonight has been rained-out, so I have a few minutes on a borrowed computer to post a bit…

We played our first show at Bellevue Beach. The place was pretty full. The two-hour show was well-received and I even had some folks ask for contact information. It was a good time. Bellevue Beach is a fishing village a ways out-of-town and it was a gorgeous drive.

Friday night we jammed in the rain and drizzle and wind at Bannerman Park in St. John’s. Less people came out, but we had a good time. Afterward, I had some fish-n-chips at an Irish pub. It was goooood!

Saturday, we played Topsail Beach. Another gorgeous location, but the rain got us after about an hour of playing. I hated to leave there, but we went to a chain called Jungle Jim’s for dinner and played a few songs in the restaurant. Met some more people and had a good meal.

I think I have a few photos I can upload. Let’s see…

Bay and boat at Bellevue Beach

Bay and boat at Bellevue Beach

Here is the place we played at Bellevue Beach. It’s the meeting hall for the local Roman Catholic church.

Church and meeting hall

Church and meeting hall

This is the band onstage….

On-stage Bellevue Beach

On-stage Bellevue Beach

Here we are at Topsail Beach.

The ampitheatre at Topsail Beach

The ampitheatre at Topsail Beach

That gives y’all a little taste of where we’ve been and what we’re doing. I’ll tell about more of our trip in future posts.

Take care,

Uncle Jeff


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